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Top Full-Service Salon in Saint Louis



Whether you enjoy spa services, want guaranteed pricing on your favorite services or simply want to be rewarded for your purchases, there’s a program just for you


30min Mini Facial
$ 78 / month WAS $85 + Tip
  • Dermaplane
  • Microderm
  • Enzyme


60min Customized Facial
$ 148 / month WAS $175 + Tip
  • Dermaplane + Enzyme
  • Microderm + Enzyme
  • Dermaplane + Microderm
  • LED light therapy + Scalp massage


90min Customized Facial
$ 188 / month WAS $206 + Tip
  • Dermaplane + Hydrafacial
  • Dermaplane + Peptide treatment
  • Dermaplane + Microcurrent
  • LED light therapy + hand massage + Scalp massage

Frequently Asked Questions

You can become a member by purchasing it online or call us at 636-220-2798!

You can change your membership type anytime.

We hope you wouldn’t want to but we understand lifestyles and circumstances change. Simply submit the request in writing 30 days prior to your cancel date.
Your membership is reserved for you. You may wish to sign up a membership for a family member or friend so they too can enjoy the benefits of spa services.
You determine the fix date that fits your lifestyle. Simply let us know if the date is different from the time of joining. Mersi!


  • Membership is valid for 6 months from the date of enrollment.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full.
  • Memberships are non-transferable and can only be used by the
    registered member.
  • Members may request cancellation of their membership in
    writing at any time. There will be a $50 cancellation fee if

    canceled before the 6 months.